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    Q- Do you have a minimum order amount?
A- No, we don´t. Everyone is welcome.

Q- Can I pick-up the product?
A- Unfortunatelly that is not possible. We are an internet-shop.

Q- Is the product authentic?
A- Everything is originally and no fake.
    Q- Can you give me the measurements of a product?
A- Unfortunately not.

Q- Do you have this pant or shirt in another size?
A- I don´t have any other size than the ones that are offered on the site.

Q- I have a complaint?
A- We take your complaints serious! Let uw know it as soon as possible using the contact form and we will solve your problem.

Q- My package is not there yet?
A- Please look under the section 'Ordering/shipment' on the site what could have gone wrong.

Q- Can my package shipped COD?
A- That´s not possible. All package have a track and trace number.

Q- The color of the product is not the same as on the picture.
A- That can happen for many reasons. We do our best to let the product look like clear and honest but every computer-screen is different so a change of color is unavoidable.